Reliance Water Heaters – Is This Brand Just the One You Need?

If you are in search of a new water heater to buy for your home, then Reliance may be a solid brand to consider. Most models of water heaters by Reliance come with a self-cleaning feature that takes out the stress in maintaining the unit. The brand also boasts of state-of-the-art technology such as the Piezo ignition and Blue Steel lining incorporated in each product, so you can expect value for your money when you purchase a Reliance water heater. With dependable quality, 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, and innovative features, you can be sure that this brand is indeed one of the finest in the market.

Some popular models of different Reliance water heaters

Types of Water Heaters They Offer

Reliance offers a wide range of water heater types that will suit your needs and standards. Among the different types of water heaters by Reliance include the following:

1. Gas Water Heater

If you have a large family, then your best bet is a gas water heater because it promotes energy conservation with its gradual heating process. Another advantage of using this type of heater is that it allows you to control the rate and extent of heating. Since there is no electricity required to power this water heater, you can save on your utility bills while ensuring a good supply of hot water for the entire household.

At Reliance, you can choose from tall or short gas water heater, depending on your needs. So, whether you live in a small mobile home, a condominium unit or apartment with a tight space, and a spacious house, you can find just the right size and capacity of gas water heater by this brand.

2. Electric Water Heater

Some people choose electric water heaters because of the easy installation process involved in these units. Generally, they are also hassle-free to handle, and the amount of energy needed to heat the water is not very expensive. Most importantly, there is no issue of fuel combustion and carbon monoxide emission, so you do not have to worry about ventilation concerns.

If you are more comfortable using an electric water heater, then you can choose from different models of units by Reliance. Some of the popular models include the STA-KLEEN Lifetime and 1212 Series, which have self-cleaning features for easy maintenance. Other models that are also decent options include the 606, 101, 616 and 909 series.

3. Tankless Water Heater

Lastly, Reliance features its range of tankless water heaters run by gas. The condensing models by this brand come with a 316 L stainless steel material for the secondary heat exchanger, so there are no concerns when it comes to corrosion. The flow rate also reaches a maximum of 10 GPM, which provides you with a continuous supply of hot water.

All of the tankless water heater models by Reliance have multiple safety and internal freeze protection features. If you plan to install the water heater indoors, you will be glad to know that all units come with a direct vent conversion kit.

Benefits of the Product

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a Reliance water heater for your home. For instance, a number of these units have a self-cleaning system for quick maintenance. Gas water heaters by this brand are also equipped with safety features to prevent the accidental ignition of gas vapors, particularly when the heater is installed in a closet or other closed spaces.

In addition, Reliance introduces advanced technology in all their water heaters. These sophisticated featrues include the following:

  • FVIR technology (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) available in the brand’s water heaters with a capacity of 30, 40, and 50 gallons
  • Thermal Cut-Off switches off the heating unit in case of a very high temperature that may lead to improper combustion in the chamber
  • Flame Arrestor prevents heat flames from being released during vapor ignition while switching off the heating unit when the temperature is extremely high

Popular Products in Amazon

The following are among the top-rated models of Reliance water heaters that have received outstanding feedback from several product Amazon customers who have used these products.

1. Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6-Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater

If you need a compact and dependable water heater that can fit easily under the counter or in tight spaces, then this product is for you. It has a capacity of 6 gallons, and comes with one 120-volt and 1650 watts of copper heating element. For hassle-free installation, this product features side-mounted inlet for cold and hot water. Lastly, it is equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve for your convenience.


2. Reliance 6 2 SSUS K 2.5-Gallon Electric Water Heater

For people who prefer a smaller water heater, then this 2.5-gallon water heater by Reliance is a great choice. It is powered by electricity and has one 120-volt and 1500-watt heating element made of stainless steel. With a 6-year limited warranty for the tank and a 1-year warranty for the parts, this product is quite a good investment for a regular supply of hot water.


3. Reliance 6 20 SOMS K 20 Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater

Best for large families, this electric water heater with a capacity of 50 gallons is a superb option. This water heater produces 20 gallons of hot water per minut with a single 120 volt 1650 watt stainless steel heating element. It has a glass lined tank with anode rod that protects against corrosion. It is also backed by a 6-year warranty.


Customer Reviews with Commentaries

Based on reviews by product users, the 6-gallon electric water heater was an excellent product to buy because of the ease in the installation process. However, it is important that you read the manual carefully before installing the heater to prevent any issues along the way. You should also eliminate air from the tank before you turn it on. This technique eliminates the risk of burning out the heating element quickly.

As for those who preferred a smaller electric water heater, the 2.5-gallon unit was a great investment for them. Since the unit is sleek and space-saving, it can fit perfectly in cramped bathrooms or mobile homes. Installation and mounting are simple, and the thermostat is positioned strategically on the front part for your convenience. For its price, all the features are quite impressive.

The 50-gallon electric water heater by Reliance is another notable product to buy, specifically when you have a large family. While the unit functions as expected, the installation and setting up process may be a bit tricky. You will have to purchase a 30A fuse and 10-gauge wire before you can run the heater. Unfortunately, buying these accessories may be a challenge since these are rarely available in most stores.


Advice on Buying

Before buying a water heater, you need to check first the best type that meets your needs. Considering the features of each water heater type, you should decide whether you prefer a unit that runs on electricity, propane or natural gas. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you need to analyze these carefully.

Aside from the type, you need to consider other factors such as the size of the heater and the location where you plan to install it. Venting is one concerns with gas heaters while energy efficiency is an issue with electric heaters. Either way, just make it a point to weigh your options before deciding on buying one for your home.

If you want to save on your purchases, you may check out various online stores for discounts or promos on a water heater type of your choice. Check the validity of the promo, and be sure you understand well the details included in the terms and guidelines offered by the retailer.


Overall, Reliance water heaters are excellent products that will meet your needs regardless of the size of your home or concerns when it comes to heating the water. With several options to choose from and numerous features included, this brand is certainly worth your investment.

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  1. I have a sta- kleen and it is a 5 40 ncrt3 cjwh .. I have had it since 1985 and no problem. Best 32 years ever. JB.

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