5 Common Hot Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

Even in the case of having the best heater a time will come when it will breakdown or need some repairs. This because there are several hot water heater problems which can occur at any time. It is good to know them and how to solve them since they can be very irritating especially when in a rush or in the middle of your shower. Below are some of these problems and how you can solve them.

Reparing the water heater

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1. The water becomes too hot

You should check whether the thermostat is set correctly. Try to adjust or reset it and test if it is working properly. If this fails to work, there may be something wrong with your thermostat. You should call a specialist to check if it can be repaired or you will have to replace it. This will prevent too hot water that can injure your skin or cause an unpleasant experience when showering.

2. Low water pressure

Clean the shower head and clear hard water deposits and sediments. You can do this by inserting a fine needle in the holes of the shower head. You can also choose to replace the shower head or press the reset’ button. If the water pressure fails to rise, you should call a professional immediately as you may be having a faulty thermostat.

3. Leakage in the tank

Another one of the most common hot water heater problems is the leakage of the tank. To solve this, you need tighten the bolts on all the surrounding gaskets and check the pressure valve. If the leak continues, you may be required to replace the unit particularly if you have been using it for several years. This is because wear and tear can cause common malfunctions and leaks which should be dealt with before things get worse.

4. Smelly water

If your unit is releasing an unpleasant odor, it is possible that your water tank has anaerobic bacteria which is reacting with magnesium sacrificial anodes which are present in most heaters. Don’t try to remove the anodes since it will make your water heater rust rapidly and void your warranty. You can also use hydrogen peroxide by shutting the cold water and opening a hot valve to relieve pressure. Draw off some water and add a few drops of hydrogen-peroxide into tank. Close up the unit and let water run through all taps until the odor disappears.

5. Noisy heater

Drain the tank, flush it and check out all the areas that have rusted and paint or replace them. This simple tip can be used to solve other common hot water heater problems such as dirty water coming out of the heater.

Preventive maintenance

The key to heater care is proper maintenance, handling and check up. You should avoid over using the unit or leaving it for a long time since it can overheat. High water pressure, internal leaks and rust and sediment build up are common issues that you can deal with by performing special inspections. Do you want to experience a change on your how water heater? Then keep the above tips in mind and for real, you will be in a position to handle hot water heater problems once they occur.

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