EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters – A Complete Overview

A device like the water heater is responsible for consuming up to 25 percent of energy in homes all over the country. Plenty of homeowners these days are going for devices that are energy-efficient in order to save up on energy use and at the same time, save money.

There are a number of factors every consumer has to take in when buying a new equipment like a water heater and in this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about tankless water heaters from EcoSmart.

Ecosmart tankless water heaters

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters

The EcoSmart company is currently located in Miami, Florida and it concentrates on offering environmentally-friendly devices that make use of green energy technology. Members of the firm have plenty of experience in fields of construction and water heaters thus expect that their products will perform much better than you think, plus the company intends to decrease energy consumption while simultaneously safeguarding our surroundings.

The company makes tankless water heaters and this specific kind of heater heats water only when required, which leads to lesser energy consumption and a decrease in your electric bills. With this type of device, your electric bills can be lowered down around 60% because there is no superfluous loss as compared with ordinary tank heaters.

Apart from the advantages of energy efficiency and savings, the EcoSmart brand also lets consumers mount the device nearer to locations where the water will be employed. The reduction in travel time translates to acquiring hot water quicker than those standard similar devices.

There are plenty of water heater brands that produce this unit but the company sets itself apart from the competition with their distinctive features and advantages. Majority of the EcoSmart tankless devices include features like the innovative Flow Sensor technology. This technology controls the temperature so users will acquire a constant source of hot H2O minus the usual problems that standard devices bring like shifting temperatures.

The brand includes a digital display with integrated temperature control so users can see the settings of the temperature easily. Compared to other tankless devices, users won’t have to regularly check the temperature or adjust them. Furthermore, the brand’s tankless units let users adjust the temperature in augmentations of 1-degree so they will acquire the accurate heat that they need.

For its heat exchanger systems, the company only makes use of Emerson Electric copper and stainless steel material. Their devices are also significantly portable so users can mount the unit easily in areas where a common tank device would not be able to accommodate.

Consumers who have tested the devices from the brand gave the units positive remarks and favorable water heater reviews. A lot of customers have said that the tankless device was able to remain on the same temperature once they have adjusted the settings. Those who have DIY skills were also capable of mounting the device by themselves without additional help.

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heating Units

Included in this section are EcoSmart’s leading water heating systems. Majority of these models have so far received a good amount of positive feedback. Read the rest of the article and you just might find the one you need.

  • EcoSmart Tankless ECO 27


If you are on the hunt for a tankless and energy-efficient heater, the ECO 27 is an ideal pick. It has garnered plenty of positive praise from professionals and homeowners and it also includes a longer warranty. It has exceptional energy efficiency too and it can generate a good amount of hot water once needed.

The company includes a convenient guide and chart that catalogues the inlet water temperatures in various areas around the country and the volume of hot water you can demand in every location. Users can modify the water output by increasing or lowering the temperature of the water and it can be performed in one-degree augmentations. Installation of the device can be easy or a challenge, based on the circumstance.

It is beneficial when it comes to cutting energy costs. Apart from making hot water in suitable volumes, the device was also capable of having a 99.8 energy-efficiency rating which is sufficiently high enough to drop down energy costs at approximately 50 percent.

  • EcoSmart Tankless ECO 36


The ECO 36 is a heavy-duty tankless water heater and bears the capacity to heat up to 6 gallons of water every minute. This device operates by means of electricity, weighs 21.6 pounds and is meant to be used indoors.

This is perfect for homeowners who want hot water on demand and will significantly benefit individuals who live in areas with low water temperatures. The 36 is the biggest tankless device that the company has created and it features the brand’s copyrighted self-modulating technology. The feature lets the device modify to the succeeding water temperature and it also has the capability of adapting to extremely low succeeding temperature around 37-degree F.

In addition, the unit has a digital control temperature which users can adjust in one-degree increments and let them modify the temperature of the water to their preference. It has the outstanding ability to deliver hot water to bigger families with a number of water outlets. It can deliver limitless torrents of warm H20 to appliances and locations like dishwashers, 2 bathrooms and even a washing machine, all at the same time.

The unit employs 150-amp to operate so users won’t have to upgrade to a higher amp if they are making use of a 200-amp line in their household. Majority of homes have standard 200-amp lines typically the 150-amp line if not used together with the other line. The device will only gather the energy it needs at the adjusted point thus it will only warm water when needed, leading to an almost 50% percent cut on your energy bills.

This EcoSmart 36 water heater is backed by a lifetime warranty and its removable components make the model more durable compared to a standard water heater. It has an external casing which is easy to remove in case you need to work on its internal parts, plus its heating elements are also simple and quick to unscrew. One can take away the needed parts and replace them if required without having to change the entire device.

  • EcoSmart Tankless ECO 18


The ECO 18 is a medium-sized tankless water heater and thus far it has garnered plenty of favorable reviews from homeowners. The way the device was built is not intended for outdoor use and it must be installed indoors or on locations that are protected from wet elements and rainy weather.

Installing the unit requires the help of a professional but according to users who have tried the product, the device’s installation instructions were easy to keep track of. The device did not need any venting but do avoid doing this since if you do not want to void the warranty.

Compared to standard water heating systems, the device does not hoard hot water. It includes a control knob positioned at the right on the front which lets users adjust the temperature easily at one-degree increments. Users can choose from 80 to 140 degrees F.

The unit has a digital display which will present the current settings. It has an activation flow rate of around 0.25 GPM which is truly beneficial. A lot of tankless devices available will not get going is the water flow rate is lower than .50 to .75 GPM.

There are two sensors in the device which measures the incoming water temperature and water flow rate. The data gathered by these sensors is used to indicate the amount of power that will be transmitted to the heating components.

As mentioned earlier, many users loved the effectivity of this product and it has received a lot of positive reviews and mentioned. However there were also some who have aired out their complaints; some did not like that they have to hire a professional electrician to help with the installation, which adds to the expenses.

When it comes to performance though, plenty of homeowners have shared that the device was capable of heating the water in a quick and convenient manner, especially for showers. But keep in mind that some models have restrictions with regards to their capacities to supply water; some are capable of running hot water for big families while other models are limited to one or two bathrooms.

There were plenty of users who were also satisfied with the ease of setting the temperature by means of its display and accompanying knob. Additionally, it has a significantly low activate flow rate which makes it perfect for homes with low water flow fixtures.

Most importantly though, the unit will only supply hot water when needed and it is not required to operate all the time, it will not perform its job not unless it is able to detect flowing water. This nifty function will make you cut costs when it comes to your energy bills and plenty of consumers will agree to this. It will supply water on households with up to 3 individuals.

Be a smart buyer. Do your research before buying a water heater. Keep in mind what you really need and how much you are willing to invest in your budget. With quality and affordability in mind, you will likely find yourself looking at various models from EcoSmart – and that’s definitely a good start to go shopping for a new water heater!

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