Selecting the best Water Heater for Home Use

Choosing a good water heater for home use might sound like a simple task but in reality it can be a bit overwhelming because of the many kinds and models available today. Other than that, you have to make sure that the model you are going to buy will provide plenty of value for your money. Hence, you should first arm yourself with the proper knowledge about the device so you can easily narrow down your choices.

As a first step, we are going to discuss the different kinds of water heaters for home use made today.

Types of Water Heaters for Home

Top 3 electric tankless water heaters from AmazonAn on-demand or tankless water heater is capable of reducing your water heating costs up to 10 percent and it is deemed as one of the most excellent water heating models because it will only warm water through if required.

After turning the faucet, the tankless water heater will be set off and provide a constant stream of hot water. In addition, the device will not take up so much space in your home, it can be suspended on the wall and has a lifespan or 20 years max.

But users have to remember that a tankless model will obligate bigger gas line mounting, distinctive ventilation and might require supplemental electrical circuits as well which will further add to the overall installation expenses.

A lineup of different water heater models by Bradford whiteThe indirect water heater typically features lower installation and maintenance expenses thus you will not be bothered with issues that often plague standard models. It has a lifespan of 10 to 11 years approximately and is not ideal for homes in hotter locations.

In an indirect model, the water is warmed through by being distributed throughout the storage tank’s heat exchanger, which then lets the furnace set off only when it is required to do so. This leads to a decrease in energy consumption, thereby saving you much-needed energy. However this can only be done if the device was put together with a significantly-effective boiler and an appropriately-insulated tank.

Ecosmart tankless water heatersLike the indirect water heater, a tankless coil water heater can provide service for up to 10-11 years. In a tankless coil water heater, the hot water is provided when needed without the help of a tank.

In case the water is used, the water is warmed through as it circulates throughout the heating coil or heat exchanger which makes it a good device to rely on during the colder seasons of the year.

EcoSmart manufacturers high quality tankless water heaters in many different capacities.

Solar water heater by boschThe solar water heater makes use of the sun’s energy to generate hot water and it is available in two kinds—active and passive. This model usually lasts approximately 20 years.

The passive kind is the most dependable and it can even outlast the active kind plus it costs less too. But they are not as effective as the active kind which employs controls and pumps to distribute water inside the house.

If in case you have selected a solar model, be certain that the storage tank is insulated well and you have to make sure that you have backup water sources available during cloudy days or bad weather conditions. Nowadays many solar powered water heaters have a backup electric heating system so you’ll never run out of warm water on cloudy days!

The 3 best propane water heaters in AmazonThe regular water heater is manufactured in a selection of sizes and is capable of storing water in plenty of capacities. To maintain the water’s temperature, many models operated by way of propane gas or electricity.

It has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years while the newer, more advanced ones in the market especially those with higher energy efficiency are capable of cutting down around 7 percent of your energy bills.

  • Hybrid or heat pump water heaters

heat pump water heater

The hybrid water heater or heat pump water heater is distinctive in a sense since it merges standard storage models with a heat pump system and together they obtain heat coming from the air and in turn warm the water through.

By making use of electricity plus the standing water, it can decrease energy expenses up to 60 percent. Hybrid water heater models usually have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years.

Choosing Your New Water Heater Model

There are a number of factors that you have to mull over when choosing a water heater device for your home. Factors include the overall cost of the unit and the installation, the accessibility and expenses of the energy resources, the EF or Energy Factor rating of the device and whether the unit follows the current water heater rules.

  • Capacity

Piggy Bank savings with direct vent water heatersEven though a number of consumers rely on the size of a storage tank, they should keep track of the FHR or the first-hour rating instead since this is way more important.

The FHR is a quota of the amount of hot water the water heater will provide over the course of the busiest time of the day and it is obligated by law to show on the EnergyGuide label of the unit. Hence you must gauge the peak-hour demand in your own home and look for a model with an FHR that is sufficient to the demand.

Gas powered water heaters have higher FHRs than the electric powered water heaters with similar storage capacities. Hence, it might be probable for you to fit your needs with a gas model that includes a smaller storage tank than an electric one with similar FHR. The more energy-efficient gas models make use of a variety of distinct mechanisms for exhaust and combustion air intake but of course, it comes with additional expenses.

  • Rating efficiency

Get money savings with these power-vent heatersAs soon as you have chosen the type of water heater that will answer your needs, you must now find out which model is the most energy-efficient. An excellent sign for this is the product’s EF or Energy Factor.

EF or Energy Factor ratings were started by the United States Department of Energy to evaluate the energy efficiency of appliances and other kinds of devices. The EF scale for the device ranges from 0.5 for gas storage tank models to 2.0 for electric heat pump kinds. The higher the EF a product has, the more efficient it will be.

Doing your due diligence and getting some research done when selecting the best water heater for home use are very important in order to get the best value for your money. Know what you need and consider your budget – these are two of the top things to keep in mind as well.

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