Gas or Electric Water Heater – Which Is the Best Option?

To conveniently heat water in your house, you need to invest in either gas or electric water heater. Technological advancement has led to development of new models that are more reliable, safer and convenient than past models. For example, tankless gas water heaters are economical on space and electricity. Here is a brief outlook at the benefits of invest in each of these water heaters.

Gas Vs Electric Water Heater

Gas Water Heater vs. Electric Water Heater

Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

1# Saves Money: Due to the current harsh economic environment, it’s important to nurture money saving habits. Modern gas water heaters have a high efficiency rating of about 82%. This means that they have the capacity of reducing your expenditure on gas by up to 50% if well utilized. Since most of them don’t have storage tanks, no gas will be used to keep the water warm or re-heat.

2# Unlimited Hot Water: Basically, tankless gas water heaters are designed to work on-demand. That is, they will only heat water when you need it. Based on the fact that they don’t have tanks, you will be able to get hot water instantly as you do not have to wait for the tank to heat up. In fact, one modern gas water heater is capable of supply enough water in homes or apartments with 3 bedroom house and 2 bathrooms.

3# Cleaner water: The quality of water that you use to carry out daily household chores such as washing utensils and bathing has profound effects on your overall health. Traditional heaters had tanks made from metallic material which is susceptible to rusting. Woe unto you if you use water boiled in such a tank as you will expose yourself to numerous health complications due to accumulation of metal elements in the body. You can avoid all these problems by invest in a tankless gas water heater.

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Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

1# Safety: This type of water heaters are much safer as you don’t have to live in fear of explosion that could arise from gas leakages. More importantly, the damage that would result from a gas explosion is much higher than what electric water heater could do.

2# Affordable Installation Expenses: Modern electric water heaters are very easy to install. This in turn lowers the installation cost significantly. Installing a gas water heater in your home can be an expensive venture as you must have exhaust through flu by installing PVC tubing from its location to the roof. By choosing an electric heater, will not need to tamper with your roof in any way.

3# Economical on space: An electric water heater can be installed in a confined area with limited space. Nowadays, there are water heaters that can be installed under a sink and still heat water effectively and efficiently. If you choose gas heater, know that you will need to leave at least 6-18 inches ventilation on all sides and at top. This means that it’s not ideal for homes with limited space.

4# You can install a timer unit: You do not have to personally switch on the heater when you need hot water. Electrical engineers have developed a timer unit that can automatically turn it on at a specific time. More importantly, the settings can be changed at any time without compromising functionalism its functionalism.

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Here is a Review of a Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron DHC-12 Electric Water Heater

This is new era electric water that has a very compact design and only weighs 7.3 pounds. It has the capacity to produce hot water whose temperature ranges between 30-125 degrees Celsius. You just have to set the knob located on its front cover to suit your needs. Unlike other similar heaters, this one has an attractive and elegant housing and so there is no need to conceal it. To ensure that you get value for your money, the manufacturer uses high quality certified parts that are covered by its 3 years warranty. It’s extremely affordable and reliable as there is no limit on the amount of water that it can heat.


So which is the best, gas or electric water heater?

Despite the fact that gas water heaters are more efficient, electric heaters are the best as they are much safer, cheaper, easy to install and economical on space. Purchase them from accredited stores to get value for your money.

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