Chase Away The Cold By Installing A New Electric Water Heater At Home

There’s nothing better than taking a relaxing hot shower during cold winter mornings. However, the thought of preheating your water before filling the bathtub can be quite cumbersome. Then again, there’s the worry that it would become cold too fast before dipping in for a bath. To avoid these inconveniences it’s advisable to get an electric water heater. This appliance would warm your tub in no time and maintain a steady temperature for you to enjoy your bath. The device can also be used to quickly warm water for making tea or any other hot beverage. Heat is usually transferred through the system using a resistor console. Once it comes to contact with the liquid, electric current is quickly converted to energy using and active element which in most cases is a copper coil or nichrome wire.

The Best Electric water heaters on Amazon

Benefits of the product

  1. It’s moderately sized and can be mounted almost anywhere in the home, be it inside the bathroom or sink.
  2. Since there’s no fuel combustion like is the case with gas-powered models, carbon monoxide would not be produced and the owner wouldn’t have to install a ventilation system.
  3. At only $400 the product is considerably cheap compared to others such as the solar powered water heaters.
  4. Since they are usually fitted inside the house, electric heaters are less affected by natural calamities such as rain, snow or corrosion.
  5. Most come fitted with a temperature regulation knob that helps prevent scorching, users would also enjoy different variations of warmth in their water.
  6. Electric heaters work faster compared to other models, you don’t have to wait long for your water to become warm.
  7. They last longer than most gas-powered brands, this is because the product doesn’t emit fumes that often cause corrosion on metallic elements.

Popular Products found in Amazon

1. Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This appliance is ideal for small households, it provides an unlimited supply of power and can heat up to 3 gallons a minute at temperatures of 37 degrees. To set the record straight, this device can easily handle two showers running concurrently and never go out of steam. It uses cutting-edge technology that can save you 50% of water heating electricity costs. Ecosmart also has a digital heat adjustment system that allows users to set their most preferred temperature level on standard increments of around 1-degree Celsius. Moreover, the Smart Technology system has been configured to work in climates where incoming water temperatures can reach extremely low levels.


2. Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Rheem RTE 13 is a versatile electric heater that can fit into almost any corner of the house. It may also be used in other places where hot water is required such as restaurants, office laboratories and hospitals amongst other related places. For the best showering experience, set it at a level of 60% so that it can provide you with a comfortable warm/hot bath without necessarily turning on the cold knob. This way you can also save energy by heating only what is required, so that later on you can avoid mixing overheated water with cold one from the side mounted inlet.


3. Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater

The Reliance SOMS K is a powerful 6 gallon water-heater that comes with a comprehensive 6yr warranty. It’s compactly built and perfect for under-counter or crawl space installations. The product comes fitted a factory standard temperature and pressure regular, including an extra T&P relief console for efficient control. During installation, remember to read all user instructions and purge away excess air from your tank before turning the machine on. If this process is not done correctly the heating console may burn thus hindering its ability to produce hot water.


Customer Reviews About The Product


Advice on buying

If you’re interested in buying this product, first conduct an online search on electric water heater reviews to get an idea of which brands have the best features. Once you have identified the most ideal heater, compare its overall price in different stores so as to get the best value for money when you finally decide to make a purchase. Amazon offers free shipping on some of its products and also accepts liability and compensation for faulty items. Alternatively, you can get a secondhand heater from eBay at much lower rates. Other sites that sell this merchandise include Infibeam, Walmart, Alibaba and Sears. Always check whether the dealer offers delivery to your country before adding the product to cart.


Electric water heaters can be useful to those who live in cold places. They produce enough warm water to help prevent frost bite while bathing. You can buy this product from Amazon at very affordable rates, however note that exact brand prices may vary based on the features found within.

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