Beat Out The Cold With The Best 40 Gallon Water Heaters

Think of those long and cold winter months without any warm water. What goes on in your head? Horror? If you are like most people, then chances are that the thought of cold showers and baths does not appeal to you. That is where water heaters come in.

The 40 Gallon water heater may be the best solution to beat that cold. This kind of equipment provides enough water for you to take that hot bath you have been dreaming of for ages. The equipment uses electricity to heat water in your home. Other versions of the heater use natural gas to heat water instead. It is therefore one of those heaters you should consider installing when you want an ample supply of water for residential use.

Getting a hot shower using a 40-gallon water heater

Benefits of the 40-Gallon Water Heater

If the 40 gallon water heater reviews are anything to go by, then there are advantages to spending money on this kind of product.

Some of the major benefits of using water heaters of this kind are outlined below.

  • 40 gallon water heaters are big, which means that you can be assured of an ample supply of hot water for use in your home. You no longer have to worry about being blasted with cold water in the middle of your shower.
  • Most heaters of this volume have additional insulation around their basic structure. This additional insulation enables you to heat a larger amount of water using less energy since most of the heat is going to be preserved. You will therefore end up using less energy for heating which means lower energy costs in the end.
  • Most 40-gallon water heaters have sensors for detecting flammable vapor as soon as it is produced. This enables you to use the heaters without fear of fire breaking out, because it will be detected as soon as it is likely to occur.
  • Water heaters with a volume of 40 gallons usually have a smart thermostat, which can control temperature settings based on the heating needs in your home. This saves you the time and energy of adjusting the temperature settings manually. It also saves you plenty of money in energy use.
  • Most 40-gallon water heaters have linings within their internal structure. This is meant to prevent corrosion thus enhancing the durability of the tank. The heaters therefore give great value for money in the end. Most manufacturers offer long warranties to back their products of this kind, which is proof of high quality and durability.

Popular 40 Gallon Water Heaters Available On Amazon

Amazon offers a number of popular 40-gallon water heaters.

1. Westinghouse WER040C2X045 40 Gallon 4500W Electric Water Heater

The 40-gallon 4500 watt water heater from Westinghouse uses electric for heating purposes.

The heater is very environmentally friendly. Its omissions are very low. Another thing to note about this heater is the fact that you do not need matches to light it up, and limited maintenance is required.

It has a 95 energy factor, 59 gallon first hour rating and comes with a limited lifetime warranty!


2. Reliance 6 40 DOLS 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The 40-gallon water heater from Reliance uses electricity for heating purposes.

The water will be heated by dual 4500 watt heating elements and the glass lined tank has an anode rod to protect against corrosion. The temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve are factory installed.

The heater has great insulation, which keeps the heat in. It uses direct heat transfer, which helps save energy.


3. HTP SSU45 SuperStor Ultra Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank 45 Gallons

Ok, not 40 gallons but 45 gallons! We couldn’t leave this HTP water heater out of this overview. The feedback has been very good and the price is very competitive to other brands.

The stainless steel tank construction resists corrosion and due to the large tank it provides a lot of hot water. HTP has a 10 year limited warranty on this water heater.

The heater requires little maintenance and is very durable. In addition, no matches are required for heating, and the heater is energy efficient.



Based on the Amazon ratings as well as reviews with regard to the 40-gallon water heaters, you are likely to find the product that makes you happy. The amount of water heated ensures that you have a steady supply of hot water, for a lower energy cost. The products are also durable, which means you will get great value for your money. The price tag may be steep, but it is a one-time purchase. The returns on your investment are simply too good to ignore. What are you waiting for? Buy your 40-gallon water heater today!

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